Business model

We know your business is not recruitment, but you rely on recruiting the best people. That is why we offer an affordable recruitment process, backed with years of experience across numerous industries including medical, dental, legal, property, finance, manufacturing and industrial.

We remove the hassle of recruitment for a fraction of the cost, ensuring you and your staff can focus on what they do best. We provide the highest level of service to ensure that you get the right person for your business.

Experienced team

We are an experienced team of professionals. At Simple. Recruitment we ensure we uphold our values of client service, integrity and fostering long term relationships.

We understand the challenges businesses face, and the importance of every position to its success. We are dedicated to helping you and your business recruit and retain the best available talent, at an affordable rate.

Our process is transparent and flexible to suit the requirements of your business. 

Why are we different?

We don’t believe in percentage placement fees. We simply charge an affordable flat rate. It is Simple. Recruitment.

We become your in house recruitment team with key deliverables and a flexible approach.

Money belongs in your business.
Talk with us.